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Automotive &  Industrial Gaskets
Automotive &
Industrial Gaskets
Rubber Hoses
Rubber Hoses
Moulded Rubber
Moulded Rubber
Jointing Sheets
Jointing Sheets
Jayem Auto Industries
Jayem Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Evolution is technology's prerogative. It heralds change. Change that is the foundation of every aspect of life. Three decades ago, this was the vision that powered the birth of what is now the insignia of excellence in Sealing Systems in India.

Jayem Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. has metamorphosed from its humble beginnings as a gasket manufacturer to an avant-gar¬de industrial enterprise offering Gaskets, Rubber Hoses & Moulded Components and Compressed Fiber Jointing Sheets for a host of Automotive and Industrial applications.

An ISO/TS 16949:2009 organization, Jayem is marked by its resolute drive to excel. Innovation, not just in process or technology but innovation of thought has made it a preferred partner and trusted supplier to leading Automotive giants and elite names in industries like Agriculture, Compressor, Earth Moving Equipment, Petrochemical and Engineering.
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