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automotive rubber hoses in india
rubber hoses manufacturer
Automotive Rubber hoses are flexible hollow pipes, usually with reinforcement, to carry fluid from one location to another. Hose design is based on its application,  guiding factors being size, shape, flexibility requirements, pressure ratings, temperature, ambient service conditions, fluid flowing through it and its compatibility with the polymer.

Manufacturing methodstarts from compound mixing and involves combination of several processes like moulding, extrusion, automotive rubber hoses manufacturer, calendaring, applying reinforcement, vulcanization etc.

Common reinforcements are yarn, cord or fabric of cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, steel or aramid fiber. Application methods for reinforcements are braiding, automotive rubber hoses in india, knitting, spiraling and hand wrapping.
Types Of Automotive Rubber Hoses at Jayem
  • Radiator and Heater Hoses
  • Oil and Fuel Hoses
  • Air Cleaner and CAC Hoses
  • Turbocharger and Inter Cooler Hoses
  • Bi-layer Co-extruded Tubing
  • Branch Hoses
  Radiator & Heater Hoses
These hoses are associated with radiator and cooling system of engines.

Jayem follows customer specified standards and are based on SAE J20, DIN 73411, IS 2765being standards.

Common rubber hoses are based on EPDM rubber having two distinct categories, one pertaing to application temperature ranges -40 °C to 125°C and the second being -40 °C to 150°C.
  Oil & Fuel Rubber Hoses
These cover fuel oil or emission hoses for use with gasoline, oil, diesel, lubrication oil or the vapour present in the fuel system inboth mobile or stationary application. Automotive Rubber Hoses are designed to meet customer supplied specifications and are based on SAE J 30, IS 2396, DIN 73379 standards.

Several polymer and reinforcement combinations are in use. Most common beingNBR/CR with or without reinforcement for low to moderate pressure application,temperature range from -35°C to 100°C.There are other types where hoses can with stand higher temperature and better permeability resistance.
  Air Cleaner and CAC Rubber Hoses
Generally EPDM Rubber is used for normal and moderate high temperature application. Silicone.  Depending on application Silicone rubber hoses are used in CAC inlet and outlet hoses and generally known as Silicone Hoses.
  Turbocharger and Intercooler Rubber Hoses
These are attached hoses on turbo charger engine, demanding high temperature resistance, oil resistance as well as high operating pressure. Turbo charger hose construction is generallyFluorosilicone/ Meta Aramid fabric/ Silicone. ACM and AEM hoses are used for Intercooler Hoses.
  Bi-layer Co-extruded Tubing
These are made in single stage extrusion operation for combining inner tube and outer cover using twin head extruder ensuring concentricity, good adhesion and uniform thickness of outer and inner tubes. Inner tube compounds are generally oil, fuel, chemical or permeability resistant namely NBR, NBR/PVC, FKM, ECO,  AEM or ACM. Cover compounds are generally moderately oil resistant, weather and ozone resistant and are made from CR, CSM, ECO, AEM or ACM.
 Branch Rubber Hoses
Branch Hoses are used where multiple hoses are connected with a common connector for supplying oil, fuel, gas or coolant to different parts of engine. These are used in place of metal bend pipes resulting in increase in efficiency and reduced vibrations.  Branching is generally done on coolant hose module.
automotive rubber hoses
Automotive rubber hoses in india
Automotive rubber hoses
Rubber Hoses
rubber hoses manufacturer in india
automotive rubber hoses manufacturer
rubber hoses manufacturer
rubber hoses manufacturer in india
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